I’m still trying to sort of figure that out. I’m not altogether sure. I know publicly what has been said by the owners of the New York Times and I have to accept that on its face, I suppose.

– Former New York Times top editor Jill Abramson, appearing at the Code/Media Series: New York, when asked why she thinks the paper pushed her out in May.


What is the fixation with Jill A? How many stories in one day can you write about her? Some kind life is unfair for female journalists at recode management? Get a life and give us fewer People Magazine journalism. We don't care.


Perhaps she has a blind spot then?  She was a strong and incisive reporter.  She would never have let an interview subject get away claiming they were "fired" when the person actually "quit."

Ms. Abramson got a lump-sum (and other) settlement with the New York Times, and she signed a non-disparagement agreement.  Only a naïve reporter would let a person taking a buyout claim that they were "fired." 

I, like many people, actually have been fired.  You end up with nothing, except perhaps unemployment, and you _ARE_FREE_TO_DISPARAGE your former employer.  Ms Abramson (whose reporting I have read and enjoyed for decades) was NOT FIRED.


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