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In response to last weekend’s attack on celebrity iCloud accounts, Apple said it will step up security measures to make it more difficult for hackers to obtain a user’s identification or password. Within the next two weeks, Apple will start sending emails and alerts to users whenever someone attempts to change an account password or restore iCloud data on a new device. The company also plans to promote use of a security measure known as two-factor authentication, which requires an account holder to enter a password and a separate four-digit code that is sent to a user when they sign into Apple services. The enhanced security measures were first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Justin S. Jung
Justin S. Jung

Generally public cloud storage is more secure than home.

Are people managing storage like usbs well?

I think i lost more 10 usb storages last 20 years.

I know apple can apply two way auth to all icloud services but currently they does not let user enable this for his/her icloud email which is very critical in security.

This PR is missing the point.

Justin S. Jung
Justin S. Jung

Two way verification is not applied into most of icloud services like icloud mail, document, etcs. 

Apple should apply this into icloud itself. this is basic security stuff. 

I can not understand why apple insists this is user's fault without meeting basic security measure like above. 

Yossi Ronnen
Yossi Ronnen

@Justin S. Jung Apple can deploy two-factor authentication, but they will not impose it on users, because most of the users don't like it (it takes longer, many actions to perform when logging in, etc.).

In regards to blaming the people, it's not the people fault for being hacked, but when you upload your pictures to the cloud they are on a public environment and can be hacked, so it might be wise to keep pictures of your b*tt to yourself.


  1. […] A further security improvement will be coming in the form of two-factor authentication, which Apple will be much more forward in its recommendation that users adopt it. That change will come through with the next iOS version. […]


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