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BlackBerry on Tuesday announced plans for a series of events on September 24 to take place in Toronto, London and Dubai. Although the Canadian company didn’t explicitly say what to expect, it has been revealing for months the details of a forthcoming large-screen smartphone known as the Passport.

Frances Hill
Frances Hill

You don't need a passport for these events if you a journalist working in Canada, the UAE, or the UK. 

I'm sure you guys realize this, but the United States is not the extent of the world. There are other countries and other markets. The U.S. isn't even the biggest... India and China alone are larger. If you look at regions, there are also regions that are larger than the U.S. 

BlackBerry is holding three events on three continents. Toronto is a logical choice for North America, given that BlackBerry is a Canadian company with headquarters near Toronto and given that  the U.S. based tech press have generally been hostile or dismissive of the company and its prospects for a turnaround. 

I'll never understand why some people are cheerleaders for an iOS/Android duopoly. Give BlackBerry and John Chen credit for hanging in there even as BB was being written off as dead. The BB10 platform is astonishingly good and has been undergoing continuous improvements. Anyone who hasn't tried it since the launch event shouldn't offer criticism until they have played around with a handset running updated software. The next version coming along, 10.3, is going to make the platform even better. There's a reason India's flagship technology magazine just named BB10 the World's Best Mobile OS. 


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