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As we told you a while back, Apple plans to use a Sept. 9 event to introduce its latest iPhones and, as we noted yesterday, it will also introduce its first wearable.

Sources say that the new iPhone will come in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch varieties — the first time Apple has introduced new models of different sizes.

The event is slated for the Flint Center in Cupertino and was made official in an invitation just sent to reporters. The Flint Center is, among other things, the place where Apple debuted the first Mac in 1984.

Apple, for its part, is characteristically vague on what to expect on Sept. 9.

“Wish we could say more,” is all the invite says beyond offering logistical details.

In the mean time, here is video of Steve Jobs introducing that first Mac.


Isn't 13 burnburn fun to read. He must be a blast at parties.


Isn't thirteenburn fun to read. Must be gr8 to hang around with.


I can hear the stampede of followers of The Cult of Apple lining up, all beating about the "latest" iPhone, EXACTLY the SAME as the previous five editions, except THIS one has a larger screen."

Oh goodie! I can't wait to spend another $1000 on a phone I just spent that same $1000 on, SIX FREAKING MONTHS PRIOR!!!!! 

This proves, yet again, that the Cult of Apple followers have far more money than they do common sense, which is the mark of any of the cults in our country's history.

Oh well, at least i have the 9th to look forward to, as I'll be belly-laughing watching all the (t)nerds jostle in line in hopes of being the first sheep out the door with an overpriced CELL PHONE, applauded by the senior cult members, all laughing all the way to the bank.

F*%! Apple...


@thirteenburn  So you're saying the iPhone 5S is EXACTLY the SAME as the iPhone 3G? Your entire credibility (implying you ever had any) is shot in the first sentence. Learn to grow up.


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