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Everything old is new again: The Kinect camera/sensor peripheral, which debuted as a sold-separately accessory for the Xbox 360, will be sold separately as an accessory for the Xbox One starting October 7. It will cost $149 and be bundled with Harmonix’s dancing game Dance Central Spotlight, Microsoft said today. The Kinect was originally a mandatory pack-in with the Xbox One, but Redmond dropped it in May to lower the price of the gaming console and help it compete with the PlayStation 4. Xbox division head Phil Spencer said in June that he still considers the Kinect to be part of the “complete Xbox experience.”

Christopher Rizzo
Christopher Rizzo

Well, I thought the Kinect was a peripheral DOA before when it was packed in.  At $149 it can be strongly concluded that developers are not going to invest in games for it when they would have to sell a significant number of copies in what will be a (relatively) small user base to justify the production costs.


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