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Good morning!

Here are some of the pieces we’re catching up on at Re/code:

  1. Matthew J.X. Malady has a column at The Awl called “Tell Us More,” where he interviews people with interesting and often hysterical personal stories. This week’s subject, funny Twitter person Becca Laurie, talks about the time she worked at a bakery with a celebrity clientele, with anecdotes about Mary Kate Olsen, Billy Joel and Lindsay Lohan.
  2. College football is here. For casual fans, or people who want to pretend they are casual fans at the office, Sports on Earth has the best preseason top 25 analysis.
  3. The Week has a list of 11 scientific studies showing humans are sometimes, maybe, not the absolute worst. A selection of the research-supported findings: “Rarely in life are you limited by your genes” and “Sometimes, empathy beats objectivity.”
  4. Come on. Twitter’s changes to its timeline policy aren’t really that big of a deal, right? The New York Times’s Farhad Manjoo thinks otherwise.
  5. The #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Still. Going. Strong. In Slate, the always sharp Felix Salmon argues that this is a problem. While most Ice Bucket critics complain about the meme’s narcissism-promoting tendencies, Salmon says there are much bigger issues here, and they have to do with money.

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RE: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This is what I've been saying since Day 1 of this exercise in uber-narcissism - it's not anything more than an internet meme, and more people care about their favorite "stars" being doused with water - again I've not seen much - if any - ice in those buckets then actually donating to the ALS cause, WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

No, once again, insipidness and uber-narcissism has ruined what was supposed to be a challenge to NOT want to douse oneself with water, thus having to donate a dollar amount, either of the challengers choice, or the challengee's choice.

Trouble is, NO ONE is NOT dumping water on oneself, thus, not much money being raised, at least in that sense. There are millions of dollars being donated, but NOT by the aforementioned narcissistic "stars", but by people made aware of ALS and have donated that way.

So again, what's the point? Again, nothing more than to be on the internet, dumping water on yourself as if it's a badge of "hipsterism" which I hate with an all consuming passion. They think they're are "unique" but actually they are more akin the herds of sheeple they claim to disdain than the opposite, which I find happily and funnily ironic.

Death to hipsterism!

Death to narcissistic video memes!

Just go out and donate to very worthy cause and leave the water to the vapid morons currently dwelling on our television screens and radio speakers (and now YouTube channels... DAMN IT!) and then acting, as they ALWAYS do, like they "care" more than we or anyone else does.

I'm just sayin'...



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