Who knew the folks who run Apple’s e-book store were such sly jokesters?

I mean, maybe there’s some other explanation for the prominent appearance of George Orwell on the store’s front page yesterday:

But I’m pretty sure Apple’s spotlight on the author is a subtle response to Amazon’s use of Orwell earlier this month, in its fight with Hachette. Which seemed to generate some blowback.

Assuming this is a dart aimed at Amazon, it wouldn’t be the first one Apple has sent this summer. In June, Apple proudly announced it was happy to sell the Hachette books Amazon won’t stock.


George Orwell also had in incredible life, fighting fascism in spain, not behing a typewriter but with a gun and fighting for real, until it was injured and then have to come back to england.

This is not a dreamer, this was a gentleman that is an example for most of us in this time where we have to fight for democraty, liberty and freedom of thought...


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