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While Microsoft continues to update Windows 8 to address its critics, some computer makers have a different way to please fans of classic Windows: Just keep selling computers with the old software.

In an email newsletter Wednesday, HP led its sales pitch with the line “Windows 7 PCs on sale, just in time for school,” adding that Windows 7 is still available preinstalled on select notebooks and desktops. From HP’s website, more than a dozen laptops and desktop models running Windows 7 are still offered for sale.

HP is not alone in continuing to sell Windows 7 PCs to consumers. Dell still offers a number of consumer PCs running Windows 7, as do other computer makers.

While not unheard of — PC makers clung to Windows XP after Vista flopped — it does show that the industry still sees Windows 8 as a drawback, at least for some PC buyers.

It has been nearly two years since Windows 8 went on sale. Though the update was pitched as the future of Windows, Microsoft has spent the last couple of years finding ways to make the new Windows look more like the old one. With Windows 8.1, released last year, Microsoft added the ability to boot to the old-style desktop.

The company has promised the next version of Windows will go even further, allowing new-style apps to run from the desktop and bringing back a more traditional start menu.

As for consumer PCs with Windows 7, expect to see those on sale through Oct. 31, after which computer makers will no longer be able to sell them as a standard option, per Microsoft’s policy.

Microsoft hasn’t set an end-of-sales date for machines running the professional version of Windows 7, and business customers often have the right to “downgrade” their machines to an older version of Windows as well.


Operating systems are pretty useless without "apps". Imagine trying to develop a newsletter with the apps that come with Windows 7. Now imagine adding 1 small app to Windows 8. Wow! it boots to the desktop and the start menu is just like Windows 7. So what is the big problem with Windows 8 if one small app makes it work pretty much just like Windows 7?


I think, Microsoft CEO Satys Nadella should extend Windows 7 home basic, premium and ultimate sales for OEM's for one more year until Windows Threshold comes out as people continue to buy Windows 7 as they voted against Microsoft's anti-computing strategy set by Windows 8 and Steve Ballmer when Microsoft realized that P.C. sales were going down as desktop sales were going down when Laptop's first came out.

When people look for their computers, they want Windows 7, not Windows 8.x at all.

If Microsoft fully stops selling Windows 7, computer makers would completely go out of business.

I hope Microsoft understands that matter.


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