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AT&T said Tuesday that it will bring its GigaPower fiber Internet service to Cupertino, Calif. — the Silicon Valley town best known as the headquarters of Apple. It’s also not far from the headquarters of Google — AT&T’s chief rival in the race to deliver fiber to the home.

Cupertino is among several Bay Area cities that AT&T had previously said it was considering — a list that included San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Campbell and Mountain View. Specific timing, availability and pricing for the Cupertino service will be announced later, AT&T said.

The gigabit-speed fiber is currently offered in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth in Texas, and AT&T has announced plans to bring it to Houston and San Antonio as well as cities in Florida, Tennessee and North Carolina.


With 75% of people in Cupertino working for Apple, AT&T will have access to the most opinionated workforce in the country.  And that's great.  These families need more options for service because the cost of officespace in Cupertino is incredibly expensive.  In fact, many of Apple's employees work from home, on a 1099 basis.

Having access to faster internet access at home, will allows Apple employees to perform Applecare chat and voice calls to assist in troubleshooting.  It also allows Apple to provide cheap customer service chat support. 

With the faster fiber optic lines, Apple customers around the world will be able to select a $19.99 "pay per incident" fee, and this AT&T investment will be used to support Apple support; which flows on AT&T fiber optic lines.


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