Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is not known to be a shrinking violet when it comes to saying what he thinks on Twitter, especially on a Sunday when he seems most fired up and ready to rumble.

But today was a doozy, in which he claimed Google was — wait for it — worse than the NSA:

Murdoch has gone after the search giant many times before — including about the NSA. In April, he tweeted: “Google attack on NSA extreme nerve. Google has more data on all of us and uses it. No evidence of NSA doing this. Ethical company?”

In 2013, Murdoch went after Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt. And in 2012, he was all riled up about piracy:

As some on the social communications platform pointed out today, it was a wee bit hypocritical of Murdoch, major owner of News Corp. and 21st Century Fox, who closed a newspaper in Britain due to hacking of people’s phones and more, to go after Google thusly.

But Murdoch is Murdoch, especially on Twitter on what was anything but a lazy Sunday, when Google was not his only target. He also tweet-ranted about the impact of lack of jobs (“face more Fergusons”), the dangers of “barbaric ISIS” and crowded California jails.

(Please see this disclosure related to Google and me.)


There are things that are far worse then collecting bulk meta data. Far far worse. Somehow this news that Google using programs to peruse your emails and determine what's ads to show you is dangerous. Yes, it's an invasion of privacy but there are far far worse conspiracies and illicit activity occurring then Google using a program to determine what ads might interest you. Technically their not even reading your email. And it's not like Google is using the information to conduct epic level conspiracies to invade people's privacy, fabricate realities for slander to protect illegal activity or surround complainers of wrong doers to terrorize them through bribery and corruption.

Before Rupert Murdoch makes a big deal of such light topics, he should be informed of the bigger dangers and precedents being invented.


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