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Alan Mullaly, who was president and CEO of Ford Motor company for the past eight years and just stepped down last month, has joined the Google board.

Mulally had been a top outside candidate for Microsoft CEO, a job that went to internal candidate Satya Nadella after a long search.

Instead, Mulally took a part-time gig as a Google board member on July 9, Google announced today; he will serve on the board’s audit committee.

Earlier in his career, Mulally was a top executive at Boeing.

Mulally is not replacing anyone on the Google board, said a Google spokeswoman.

Link Worx Seo
Link Worx Seo

This man has been on the news all over the place over the last few months. Ford has had some big recall problems recently and so has GM, don't exclude Toyota either. I've read some information and seen plenty of news segments pertaining to recalls and how the manufacturing process works. Some analyst say it is cheaper and more cost effective to just allow the defective parts to go out as is and then cover the cost afterwards.

I believe they refer to it as a S.W.O.T. if I remember correctly. Some of the reports say it's just easier and more affordable to allow the defective parts to go out and hope for the best. Let us pray that the man does more justice at in his new position, not trying to be rude, but Ford took some big declines.


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