Shakira + Yogurt = Your Favorite World Cup Video

Germany takes on Argentina today in the World Cup final. The game starts at 3 pm ET, but if you’re in the U.S. and want to watch many minutes of pre-game gabbing, ABC is happy to oblige, starting at 1 pm. (Of course, many of you are watching on Univision, too.)

And if you want to get started now, we can accommodate that, too. Not with World Cup highlight clips — FIFA and the networks aren’t cool about distributing those — but with World Cup-themed ads.

Video ad network Unruly Media has been tracking World Cup ads based on their social popularity — how many times they’re shared via Facebook, Twitter, etc. — and says these are the five most popular commercials of the tournament.

Which is a little weird, because I’ve watched a lot of soccer over the last month and haven’t seen a single yogurt ad. But people really like Shakira.

In reverse order:

#5 Samsung: 54 million views; 530,000 shares.

#4 Nike: 64 million views; 940,000 shares.

#3 Castrol: 16 million views; 1 million shares

#2 Nike: 87 million views; 1.3 million shares

#1 Activia/Shakira: 220 million views; 4.6 million shares