VC Dos and Dont's

Karlin Ventures

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Having been pitched to over 50 VC's, I would add the following (from the startup-side):

#1 "Always be prepared to go off script."  We rarely, if ever, have gone linear through our pitch from front to back.  Usually, you'll hop around and answers questions as the VC has them - even if you have them addressed later in your pitch deck.

#2 "Never say you don't have competition."  You might think you're the best, but if you don't have competitors, then the VC will not think it's a market opportunity worth addressing or funding at that time.

#3 "Research the VC and other investments they have made."  This was noted above but it helps if you can find synergy between what you're doing and a VC's portfolio companies.

#4 "Be careful with information you share." VC's will never sign an NDA and some VC's (very few), will already have made competitive investments or are meeting with competitors.  We've had a scenario (after the fact), where the VC had made an investment in a competitor and only had met with us to pump us for competitive info.


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