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Remember the days of Yo? Way back in mid-June, a single-word messaging app nabbed $1 million and tens of thousands of users because something about digital dualism and one-bit communications.

But lo these many days later, it seems the public is already swiveling its gaze onto a new totally-not-gimmicky thing: Potato salad.

It started off as a Kickstarter project to raise $10, with a clear and earnest mission: “I’m making potato salad. Basically I’m just making potato salad. I haven’t decided what kind yet.”

They’ve now raised more than $32,000 and counting, in what can only be described as a clear victory for crowdsourced carbs.

Google search patterns in the San Francisco Bay Area clearly show the shifting zeitgeist:

Meanwhile, over on Twitter:

Go ahead, entrepreneurs. Punch yourselves in the face.

John Berard
John Berard

No need for flagellation, self or otherwise.

The contributions so far -- about $11 on average from 3,500 people -- are not real coin, but more akin to the lint in the change pockets of the regulars on Kickstarter.  I suspect the total is more a curious response to the question: "What happens if I do this?" than on the merit of potato salad (I am a cole slaw man myself).

There are quite a few crowdsourced projects that rely more on the 100 monkeys theory of re-creating something than the revelation of something new.


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