Dear people of the Internet, Silicon Valley and all another outposts of tech:

Please stop doing anything really innovative or groundbreaking today, as the staff of Re/code is really exhausted and needs a lovely day off.

In other words, we will be published on a limited schedule.

So on July 4, no making of obnoxious apps (Josh is on the case!); no management mishegas (this means you, Twitter!); no dealmaking that actually perplexes us all, but we try desperately to explain as bold (Hello, Mark Zuckerberg!); no creepy social experiments on our sad, little online psyches (You again, Mark Zuckerberg!); and — most of all — no more moving.

In his amazing play, “Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika,” Tony Kushner has an angel asking the citizens of the world to “Stop moving!” It is a plea to stop the earthquakes that our incessant human activity is causing.

But one of the main characters has an answer to that in perhaps the most perfect quote about what all that progress and innovation means at its best: “In this world, there is a kind of painful progress. Longing for what we’ve left behind, and dreaming ahead.”

Agreed. But for today, at least, let’s just dream ahead and enjoy the day off.


The byline for your story in Re/Code daily is:

"A modest request: Stop moving!"

I adhered to that request by social osmosis. Staffs everywhere are "really exhausted" and our "lovely day off" was a total washout here in New England. 


"You must stop moving."??

When will people cease being so abjectly arrogant to think that we as a simple human beings, regardless of how many of us there are, have very little to do with the Earth's whims and quirks on the whole and that 98% of the "Earth First, Humans Last/Global Warming/Climate Change" hand-wringing shriekers are in it for the MONEY and little else, as we as a human race have so little to do with what happens as a whole on Earth.

So, that being said, on this wonderful celebration of our country's independence, why don't your human-haters just sit back, relax, imbibe on an adult beverage and just let it go. For one simple day, just let it go and stop being so freaking arrogant!

I'm just sayin'...

Happy 4th!!  \m/ \m/


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