News Brief

The location-sharing startup Glympse, which helps people tell friends and family where they are and where they’re going, raised $12 million in funding from UMC Capital, Verizon Ventures and existing investors Ignition Partners, Menlo Ventures and Naya Ventures. Glympse has integrations with many carmakers (BMW, MINI, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo), wearables makers, phones, navigation devices and even airplanes.


Yet another sheep-herding App. 

This 'app' is probably the best tool ever to identify the real sheep among us. You want to know where the herd is, you want to be with the herd, you are scared if you don't know where your herd is... this App is for you. Sheep already have this 'app' built into their brains.   Humans have variable sheep-quotient, some people are  more sheepish than others, -and this app is the best way to identify the sheep. 


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