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This was pretty much the week of Apple as Re/code hit the TV screens of our NBC news partner CNBC, largely talking about the many announcements by the tech giant this past week at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Here’s Walt Mossberg, for example, talking about “Continuity,” where all your work on the Apple devices move seamlessly from one to another (I most enjoyed him slapping down the dopey dude who did not get this was a software event):

Here’s Arik Hesseldahl with more thoughts about what will happen when the hardware comes out from Apple in the fall:

And then Arik talking about the software itself and parsing the many announcements:

And that’s me, chatting about the rumors about the upcoming iWatch from Apple — Code/red columnist John Paczkowski confirmed reports that it was coming in the fall:

Shifting topics, here’s me again, blabbing away about the fight between premium video service Netflix and Verizon over streaming speeds and more:


Yeah, what a dope. If that's the type of business people Columbia business school produces we're in for a treat! Why does CNBC bother with these empty talking heads anyway? They only lower the level of discourse on cable TV even further. You don't have to be a total Mac fan but at least know the topic before sounding off.


"I most enjoyed him slapping down the dopey dude who did not get this was a software event".

Me too! That douche "from Colombia business school", as he emphasized before asking Walt, was such an idiot. I am so glad Kara and Walt now appears regularly on cnbc providing your expertise and insights on Apple and tech in general. CNBC's usual coverage on Apple, especially during the past year, can be summarized in one word: HATE.


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