Apple’s Newest Ad Says We’re Ready for Wearables, Now

Are regular people really ready for mini-computers embedded into glasses, shirts and watches? Maybe.

But they’re already ready for other wearables, which you can buy right now.

That’s the message — or at least one of them — Apple is conveying with its newest ad. The spot, ostensibly about all the ways iPhones can make you stronger, faster and more pleased with yourself, also highlights real-world uses for several wearables and other accessories, all available for purchase today.

See if you can catalog them:

For those playing along at home, here’s the gadget list: Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Speed/Cadence Sensor, Withings Health Mate, Zepp Golf Sensor, Misfit Shine and Adidas miCoach Smart Ball. And of course, the iPhone itself is already a wearable, if you want to make it one.

What about that song? If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember it from gym class. For the rest of you, it’s “Chicken Fat,” first created for President Kennedy’s Physical Fitness Program, many moons ago.