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Comedian John Oliver’s hilarious net neutrality video and call for people to flood the Federal Communications Commission with protests worked: The agency’s comment system crashed Monday.

The FCC’s creaky Electronic Comment Filing System couldn’t keep up with the hordes of people trying to weigh in on the agency’s net neutrality proposal on Monday.


The 13-minute video explaining net neutrality first aired Sunday night on Oliver’s HBO talk show “Last Week Tonight,” and has received more than 770,000 views on YouTube since then.

Despite being down for much of Monday afternoon, the FCC’s system logged 1,506 comments yesterday. About 94 percent of them — or 1,414 — were about net neutrality. So far, the FCC has received more than 45,000 comments on its net neutrality proposal.

If you couldn’t get through yesterday, the system appears to be back up this morning. You can either use this link (it’s number 14-28) or shoot an email to


The system would have logged a lot more comments yesterday, but it appears that the FCC threw out all comments that fall after "Jay Lambert" alphabetically.  A quick estimation is that they threw out 1400 comments.


Crashing the FCC comment system means John Oliver's rant "worked"?  

If that was his intent, then I guess so.  But if the intent was to support Net Neutrality, all he did was prevent other people from filing their comments in support of Net Neutrality.  Is that really what he wanted?  

I'd hardly call that "working" and it certainly isn't effective in pushing a pro-NN agenda.


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