Apple Shows Off More iOS-like Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 at Developers Conference

Liveblog highlights:

  • 40 million copies of the Mavericks operating system have been installed since its October 2013 release.
  • Apple previews Mac OS X Yosemite, with iOS 7 styling, improved search and notifications.
  • A new cloud storage service, iCloud Drive, syncs across Macs, iOS (and also Windows).
  • In Yosemite, AirDrop works between Mac and iPad. Handoff feature lets you swap a project from one device to another nearby one.
  • Yosemite will be free, and available in a public beta program this summer and to everyone in the fall.
  • As expected, Apple also showed off a new mobile operating system, iOS 8, with interactive notifications and new messaging tools.
  • An improved iOS keyboard called QuickType offers predictive typing suggestions, a la Swype or SwiftKey.
  • A new Health app will aggregate metrics from multiple devices and third-party health apps.
  • New tools for app developers include the ability to sell bundles of apps, show video previews and invite beta users.
  • Apps will be able to talk to one another via an extension framework, including the ability to use Apple’s fingerprint scanner and create a home automation network.
  • iOS 8 will be available to the public in the fall.

Apple didn’t introduce a single new piece of hardware at its developers conference on Monday, as expected. But it laid the foundation for the next generation of iPhones, iPads and Macs, and perhaps those new categories the company promises to enter this year.

The maker of the iPhone and iPad introduced a broad array of software upgrades and new features, including a new version of its computer and mobile operating systems and new services that will collect health information and control your home with your phone.

Developers will get an early release of Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 this week, while consumers will have to wait until the fall. (Though in a slight departure, Apple will make a public beta of Yosemite available to some testers this summer.)

With iOS 8, Apple is at long last allowing customers to install third-party keyboards. Apps will also be able to more directly talk to one another, and new HomeKit and HealthKit features will offer a central place for home automation, and health data, respectively.

Whether all this adds up to a good year or a bad year remains to be seen. On the surface there wasn’t a ton of big-ticket features for customers, but if it keeps the best developers and helps Apple create better hardware, it could nonetheless turn out that WWDC 2014 was a big deal.

For developers — who are, after all, Apple’s main audience at this event — they got deeper access to the inner workings of iOS, which is always something they are looking for. The ability to access Touch ID fingerprint recognition is a big deal, as is having the ability for apps to talk to one another.

For more, here’s a recap of our liveblog.

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Ina Fried June 2, 20148:51 am

About an hour to go. Here’s the scene. Outside we have some protesters complaining about Apple’s tax-avoiding cash policies.

Ina Fried June 2, 20148:52 am

Inside there are the usual banners. One new twist, the cars parked on the second floor. Guess CarPlay will get some love. 

John Paczkowski June 2, 20148:54 am

John Paczkowski June 2, 20148:54 am

John Paczkowski June 2, 20148:55 am

John Paczkowski June 2, 20149:00 am

Ina Fried June 2, 20149:20 am

Team Re/code is in and seated. Joining me are John Paczkowski, Lauren Goode, Dawn Chmielewski and Walt Mossberg.

John Paczkowski June 2, 20149:24 am

Ina Fried June 2, 20149:42 am

Is there a Dr. (Dre) in the house?

Ina Fried June 2, 20149:49 am

Ten minute warning. Time to grab some snacks and the devices you will soon be replacing.

Ina Fried June 2, 20149:50 am

Clearest sign there won’t be new hardware for sale today: Apple’s online store still up.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:01 am

Keynote starting with a video on developers.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:01 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:01 am

Video still rolling, consumers are talking about their favorite apps.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:03 am

Hm, I need this app that improves your batting in baseball/softball.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:04 am

Apps can also save oceans and help people with bionic limbs, if softball isn’t your thing.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:05 am

And with that, CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, in jeans and a button-down shirt.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:07 am

“From all of Apple, thank you very much,” says Cook, who notes it’s the 20th year of the conference, which began with a little over a thousand developers talking about Mac OS 7. Now Apple itself has 1,000 developers here.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:07 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:07 am

Two-thirds of attendees are attending their first developer conference, including some student scholarship winners. Youngest developer in the audience is 13. So, yes, you are a slacker.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:08 am

Apple has 9 million registered developers, up 47 percent from last year.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:08 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:09 am

Cook promises great new features for both iOS and Mac OS and how the two have been engineered to work better together. He promises “the mother of all releases for developers.” An entire section of keynote today will be on that.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:09 am

Starting with OS X and the Mac. “We’re shipping the best Macs in our history.”

While PC industry down 5 percent, Macs grew 12 percent last year, bringing install base to 80 million.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:09 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:11 am

Over 50 percent of this 80 million Macs are running Mavericks, fastest adoption of any PC operating system in history. You may wonder how that compares to Windows. As it turns out Windows 8 is on 14 percent of PCs, even though it has been out a year longer. “Awwww” from the audience. “Need I say more?” says Cook.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:11 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:12 am

Today, to talk about the future of Mac, Cook brings on Craig Federighi. (He was supposed to be at the Code Conference last week, but dropped out with Beats news.)

John Murrell June 2, 201410:12 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:13 am

Federighi said that Apple took its product marketing team in VW bus. Considered OS X Oxnard, OS X Rancho Cucamonga. Landed at OS X Weed (actual town). “Strangely, this had large pockets of support within the product marketing team.”

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:13 am

And, of course, settled on OS X Yosemite.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:14 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:14 am

Yosemite’s “continuity” feature means lots of iOS 7 look. Icons, apps, etc.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:15 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:16 am

Yosemite features beautiful new trash can.  Please keep Yosemite clean.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:17 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:17 am

There is a dark look if you want dark menus instead of white ones, to complement desktop. (What complements a totally cluttered screen full of icons? Asking for a friend.)

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:18 am

Revamped Mac OS Notification center has a today view, like iOS 7, with widgets, like, well, Android.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:18 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:19 am

Spotlight, which has been a tool for launching apps and finding local content. Big search bar. Now taps internet for Wikipedia and maps. What about Web? (Google, Bing anyone?)

John Murrell June 2, 201410:20 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:21 am

Widgets can be from Apple’s built-in programs or from third parties. Federighi shows ESPN scores as an example of third-party widget.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:23 am

Federighi showing Spotlight to plan camping trip with Phil Schiller and design guru Jonathan Ive. You just haven’t camped til you have used one of Ive’s “al-yoo-mini-um” spoons with its beautiful chamfered edges.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:24 am

Spotlight search for sushi brings up results from Apple maps. For movies, can do a search from desktop too. (Anyone remember Watson?)

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:25 am

First big new new feature: iCloud Drive. Mac can work on iCloud documents from within the finder. Store any files, use folders and tags. Sync across Mac. (Paging Dropbox.)

John Murrell June 2, 201410:25 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:26 am

iCloud Drive works on Windows too!

John Murrell June 2, 201410:26 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:27 am

New service for sending large attachments in Mail. If they have a Mac it shows up like before. If not, it shows up as a link. (Competitors in sites here: Hightail, Dropbox, Box, Google.)

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:27 am

Can also sign documents (Hi, DocuSign).

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:29 am

Safari has spotlight results and new sharing options, including those with whom you have messaged most recently. New tab view, with stacks for multiple tabs from same site. Easier private surfing window.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:29 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:30 am

Federighi says Yosemite offers better battery life when browsing, up to two hours longer when streaming 1080p Netflix video.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:30 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:30 am

Faster JavaScript should put Safari “in a league of its own” Federighi promises. Brings on longtime Apple employee Brian Kroll for a demo.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:31 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:32 am

There have been several references to Google search on screen and by demo presenters so guessing Bing hasn’t replaced Google as default in browser. 

John Murrell June 2, 201410:32 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:33 am

Yosemite’s markup feature lets you annotate or edit an image from within Mail app itself.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:34 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:35 am

Kroll highlights a climber on the mountain. Says he hopes the rope is “multi-threaded.” He’ll be here all week, ladies and germs.
“How about that parallel programming joke? You did not see that coming,” Federighi says.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:36 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:36 am

New Continuity feature designed to make it easier to work across iPhone, iPad and Mac. AirDrop (ad-hoc file sharing) coming to Mac and works between iOS and the Mac. Another feature, Handoff, takes things further.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:36 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:37 am

When you go up to Wi-Fi in Yosemite, sees phone and lets you automatically set up a hotspot. Something my colleague Dawn Chmielewski could have used a few minutes ago.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:38 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:38 am

Messages great Mac to iPhone, but those “green bubble” messages don’t show up on other devices. Now your phone can relay those SMS messages to Mac. Phone calls too. Caller ID on Mac, accept and use Mac as speakerphone.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:39 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:41 am

Demo now of the Continuity features, starting with Handoff working between Mac and iPhone. Mom calls Federighi. He declines call from Mac. “She’s a wonderful, wonderful woman, but this is my space.”

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:42 am

He’s going to call Dr. Dre, though.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:43 am

“I talk to people like him all the time,” Federighi quips.

“How you doing. This is Dre.”
Federighi: “Dr. you are on speakerphone”

Dre asks what time he should show up for work. He hears Tim Cook shows up early, but new employee orientation starts at 9.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:44 am

And that does it for the Yosemite overview. Available today as developer preview. Everyone else will get it in the fall, for free.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:44 am

This summer, also a public beta program. Apple hasn’t done this with Mac OS since Mac OS X 10.0.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:45 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:45 am

On to iOS. Cook back, talking about all those iOS devices, including 130 million iOS customers in the last year buying their first Apple device. “Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone by mistake and then had sought a better experience and a better life.”

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:46 am

Nearly half of customers in China in past six months switched from Android to iPhone.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:47 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:49 am

Cook notes that Apple customers more satisfied because Apple makes its software updates broadly available.

Nine out of 10 (89 percent) of iOS users are running iOS 7. Only one out of 10 Android customers are on KitKat. More than a third are on something four years old. That’s ancient history, Cook says, telling developers they are not able to run the latest apps or getting security updates.
Android dominates mobile malware market, with 99 percent.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:49 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:50 am

Apple’s iOS 8, being announced Monday, has lots of consumer features and a bunch for developers.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:50 am

Cook brings back Craig Federighi to talk iOS 8. “I missed you guys,” Federighi says.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:50 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:51 am

Notifications, like calendar or text, lets you pull down and respond, even from lock screen.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:51 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:52 am

Not full dual-window multitasking, but in email you can now move away from the message you are writing on to get at the rest of your inbox.

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:54 am

Notifications are actionable, including third-party notifications, such as being able to “Like” something on Facebook. (Unofficially, this is known as the Mike Isaac feature.)

John Murrell June 2, 201410:54 am

John Murrell June 2, 201410:56 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:57 am

Looks like iOS keyboard finally getting an update with iOS 8.

John Murrell June 2, 201410:58 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:58 am

QuickType adds predictive typing suggestions for next words (Hi Swype, SwiftKey).

Ina Fried June 2, 201410:59 am

The meeting was (“epic,” “awesome” or “snoozer” show up as options).
By contrast to rivals, though, Federighi notes none of your keystrokes leave the device. Looks like no text tracing.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:00 am

Next up: Messages. (It’s the most frequently used iOS app, Federighi says.)
Group messaging lets you add or remove people to a thread, name that thread or even mute it if it gets to noisy.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:00 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:01 am

Tap to talk feature in messages lets you send audio or video message. Greg Joswiak comes out to demo.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:03 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:04 am

Joswiak takes a selfie with kissyface lips. There is an option for the messages to self-destruct. (Sorry, Joz, we got a screenshot of that one.)

John Murrell June 2, 201411:04 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:05 am

Messages have “raise to talk” option for voice messages. Lower the phone and the message is sent.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:05 am

And with that, kissyface leaves the stage and Federighi comes back.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:06 am

Federighi talking about how iCloud drive makes it easier to work across applications in iOS. Edits in one app saved back to original location on iCloud drive.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:06 am

On to enterprise features (one guy cheers). But 98 percent of Fortune 500 use iOS, Federighi said.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:07 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:08 am

One popular recent addition to businesses – Device Enrollment Program – lets people buy an off-the-shelf iOS device and add business apps, data, settings, etc.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:08 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:08 am

A bunch of other new features, including VIP threads, can get notification if reply on that thread. Automatic reply for Exchange, Free/busy info in calendars and support for third party document providers. (Enterprise guy is happy again.)

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:09 am

On to Health, white icon with a red heart.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:10 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:10 am

Lots of data, but has been all in silos. HealthKit is a single place where apps can contribute data. Third party apps, but users can choose which info each app gets access too. Example given: Nike.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:10 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:10 am

Apple also working with Mayo Clinic. When a patient takes a blood pressure reading, HealthKit can check whether it is within their normal range. If not, can notify a doctor.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:11 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:12 am

Another new feature: Family sharing. Shared photo streams, calendars, reminder list. Find family members and their devices.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:13 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:14 am

Now family sharing allows sharing of their media purchases. Up to 6 people who share a credit card. Parents can also set it up so kids have to ask for permission before purchase.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:14 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:14 am

On to photos. 

Now, every photo you take is available on all devices. Device has access to more photos — you can even store on device. Can search photos by location, time, albums, etc.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:15 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:15 am

New smart editing for auto-correcting color and straightening. Smart light meter to improve lightening, which adjusts shadows, highlights, brightness, contrast and exposure. You could do all that manually, but this is a lot easier.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:17 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:17 am

Photo edits go up to iCloud as well. Favorites sync instantly to other devices.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:19 am

New photos app for Mac shipping early next year, but Federighi gives a preview of it. 

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:21 am

Demo time for new photo features for iOS. Soon to Mac.

Full resolution, uses one’s iCloud storage. First 5GB are free. With some new paid iCloud storage tiers. 20 GB for 99 cents per month, 200 GB for $3.99 per month, other tiers up to 1TB.
Ina Fried June 2, 201411:22 am

Some new Siri features. Hey Siri feature, Shazam song recognition, iTunes purchases via Siri.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:22 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:22 am

Bunch of new China features as well, including better predictive typing, improved weather, etc.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:23 am

Tim Cook back to talk about developer features of iOS 8.

“If we ended the keynote now it would be a giant release,” Cook said. But lots more features, these ones for developers.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:24 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:24 am

There are 1.2 million iOS apps with 300 million people browsing the iOS App Store each week.
“These people aren’t just browsing, they are downloading.” Over 75 billion apps downloaded.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:24 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:24 am

Improved app discovery with editor’s choice logo, related searches and the ability to buy “bundles” of multiple apps.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:25 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:25 am

Example is Toca Toy Box, with a group of kids apps from Toca Boca.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:26 am

App previews become an option. Also officially sanctioned (and free) beta testing for the first time, with TestFlight, the app Apple bought recently.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:26 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:27 am

Cook says this release of the iOS software development kit biggest release since the debut of the App Store with 4,000 new programming interfaces. Cook brings back Federighi, who is getting a workout.

“This is clearly some type of endurance testing,” Federighi said, bouncing back onstage.
John Murrell June 2, 201411:27 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:28 am

Extensibility means one app will be able to offer services to another app. This is tricky because Apple’s security model has in the past kept each app sandboxed from other ones. To handle extensibility, Apple is allowing one application to talk to another, but Federighi promises it’s being done in a secure way.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:28 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:29 am

Also, as previously suggested, there will be the ability of apps to provide their own widgets to the notification screen.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:29 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:30 am

Photo filters being used as an example of extensions. (Potentially very useful as today seemingly each photo-editing feature is its own app.)

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:30 am

Again, ESPN’s SportsCenter demoed as example of widget.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:32 am

The feature allowing apps to talk to other apps seems somewhat similar, at least in concept, to Windows 8’s notion of contracts between apps. Demo here is a Bing Translate extension for Safari.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:32 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:33 am

Looks like we get third-party keyboard access after all. By default they won’t get network access, but users can choose to do so.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:34 am

With iOS 8, developers can use Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition system. Had only been available for unlocking phone and iTunes purchase. 

John Murrell June 2, 201411:34 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:36 am

Also HomeKit, for home automation. (Kudos to Financial Times, which first reported this.) Common network protocol so only your iPhone unlocks door or opens garage door.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:36 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:38 am

CloudKit makes it easier for app developers to handle the cloud part of things, such as iCloud authentication, storage, search and notifications. It’s “effectively free” with limits, Federighi said. 1 PB of assets, 10 terabyte database and 5 TB/day of transfer. (Lots of competitors in crosshairs here including Urban Airship)

John Murrell June 2, 201411:38 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:39 am

On to “Metal,” a new approach to 3-D graphics for games. Typically OpenGL sits on top of a game. That means compatibility, but adds overhead, slowing things down. This allows game makers to write more closely to iOS hardware. That means faster games for consumers, but also ties game makers more closely to iOS, which Apple likes.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:39 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:39 am

Demo of EA and other game makers using their console engine using Metal.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:40 am

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney comes up to talk about Metal.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:41 am

Epic showing a very graphics-rich Zen Garden (and you were expecting a first-person shooter, weren’t you?). Koi pond with hundreds of fish each running its own artificial intelligence.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:42 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:43 am

Zen garden will be available for free once iOS 8 is available, Sweeney says.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:44 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:45 am

Okay. Getting geeky here. Bear with me.
SpriteKit, introduced last year for casual game creation, gets some new features, per-pixel physics, light sources and other more traditionally high-end gaming features.
On to Xcode, Apple’s main iOS development tool.

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:46 am

Xcode trying to offer Objective C without the C, so Apple is introducing new programming language: Swift.
“The language is called Swift and it totally rules,” Federighi said.

Fast, modern, safe, etc., he says.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:46 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:47 am

Swift has a bunch of features developers are all excited about. Crowd very excited about this, most of anything so far.
“Do you know how many people at home that are going ‘What are these people talking about?'” Federighi acknowledges.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:47 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:47 am

I think I need that Skype translator to offer Geek-to-English. It just got super-geeky in here.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:48 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:49 am

If you are not a developer, now would be a great time to go check out all of those great interviews from the Code Conference.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:50 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:50 am

This is me watching:

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:52 am

That said, keeping developers is key and anything Apple can do to get app creators excited about iOS and devoting time to iPhone-specific rather than cross-platform app creation is good for them. Metal and Swift all about that.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:52 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:54 am

Swift demo done and Federighi wrapping up on developer features of iOS 8. Next up when it is coming. I’m going to go with “fall” but let’s see.

John Murrell June 2, 201411:54 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:54 am

Available as a beta today. And “you guessed it, available to everyone else in the fall.”

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:55 am

Cook back doing the recap. Yosemite, iOS 8.

Please let there be “one more thing.”

John Murrell June 2, 201411:55 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:56 am

Cook: “Apple engineers platforms, devices and services together. We do this so we can create a seamless experience for our users that is unparalleled in the industry. This is something only Apple can do.”

No one more thing. Cook thanking the “thousands of people who made this possible.”

John Murrell June 2, 201411:57 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201411:58 am

“It’s the privilege of a lifetime.” Cook says, telling developers to enjoy the week and exiting stage right.
Surprisingly, no significant mention of cars. As expected, no new hardware. Stay tuned to Re/code for more coverage. (I’m off to ice my blogging fingers.)

John Murrell June 2, 201411:59 am

Ina Fried June 2, 201412:01 pm

Speaking of which, I’d like to thank the thousands of Re/code employees who made our coverage possible. I’d like to, but Kara won’t let us hire that many. So thanks to our small but crack team, led by John Paczkowski and an amazing group of writers and editors.

Ina Fried June 2, 20141:29 pm

The feature allowing apps to talk to other apps seems somewhat similar, at least in concept, to Windows 8’s notion of contracts between apps. Demo here is a Bing Translate extension for Safari.

Ina Fried June 2, 20141:44 pm

Can also sign documents (hi, DocuSign).

Ina Fried June 2, 20141:48 pm

Apple has nine million registered developers, up 47 percent from last year.