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As part of the ongoing global patent battle between Apple and Samsung, a Dutch appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court’s injunction against sales of some older Samsung Galaxy models.

The order applies specifically to the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Ace, but could possibly be extended to other Samsung devices found to similarly infringe on a European Apple patent.

An Apple representative declined comment, as did a Samsung representative.

Last Friday, Apple and Google agreed to halt their direct legal battle, dismissing some 20 legal actions between Apple and Motorola.

However, hopes of a similar settlement between Apple and Samsung, briefly raised by a Korea Times report of talks between the two, have been dashed with a recent court filing stating that the two sides remain at an impasse.


@DED  : this is too hilarious.  DED from AppleInsider cites his own biased "editorial" piece.  LOL!  Ok.  This is just too sad -- I guess he's just looking for attention. 

Samsung has already "worked around" this particular patent and there hasn't been any Samsung smartphones infringing on it since 2012.  Based on that it's fair call that a "modest" symbolic victory that would probably have zero  impact on Samsung's business. 


According to reports, it's a Broad Injunction. Looks like is not a site for true journalism after all.


@DED  Wouldn't want to jeopardize those Samsung advertising dollars!


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