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Customers of T-Mobile reported Thursday that they were having trouble making calls and sending text messages.

Reports of issues were posted both on Twitter and to T-Mobile’s online support forums.

“We are aware of an issue impacting some customers right now and are working on it,” CEO John Legere said in a tweet.

T-Mobile’s help account on Twitter responded to multiple tweets saying it was aware of issues and that engineers were working to restore service “in multiple markets.” It suggested customers try to stick to 2G service in the meantime. They said that there was no estimated time for service restoration.

We’ve contacted T-Mobile for further details.

Update, 10:10 pm PT: A T-Mobile representative told Re/code that the company’s “network team was able to quickly isolate the issue” and service has been fully restored.

“Some of our customers in a handful of states were unable to consistently complete voice calls and send text messages,” the representative said. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”


maybe tmo and sprint should merge, maybe tmo could get sprint to work better, they seem to know how to fix things. 


The only problem with switching to 2g is.... Some of their phones do not allow it. Case in point xperia z (made for tmo). I had this issue for months where I would have to manually switch my nexus 5 to 2g. So I had either data (lte) or voice. The problem really is with their 3g network and they have known this for a while now but choose to be quite (my issue escalated to the office of president and it still wasn't resolved) until it manifests itself in a major way.


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