Apple's Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi


Apple’s Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi


While we already have announced a stellar lineup for the first Code Conference — including General Motors CEO Mary Barra, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Hollywood mogul Ryan Seacrest — here’s another pair to add to the mix: Top Apple execs Craig Federighi and Eddy Cue.

They will headline our second night at the event in late May.

Apple has been an important part of our tech conferences for a long time now — this is actually the 12th that Walt Mossberg and I will mount. We had the late Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs onstage many times in memorable interviews, including a joint one with Microsoft’s Bill Gates. More recently, we had current CEO Tim Cook, who talked about his vision for the legendary Silicon Valley tech company.

And we are very eager to hear from Federighi and Cue, longtime Apple veterans and key decision makers at the company who have contributed a lot to its success.

Cue, who has been at Apple for 25 years, is SVP of Internet Software and Services, reporting to Cook. That is a modest description for a very large portfolio, including the iTunes Store, the App Store and the iBookstore. And even more: Siri, Maps, iAd and iCloud. Cue has also worked on iLife and has been a manager of software engineering and customer support units.

Federighi, who has also been at Apple on and off for a very long time, is its SVP of Software Engineering. Also reporting to Cook, he is in charge of the development of iOS, OS X and “Apple’s common operating system engineering teams.” In other words, the stuff — including user interface and applications — that makes your pretty iPhone and iPad work. Federighi came back to Apple in 2009 as head of OS X engineering. He also worked at Jobs’s NeXT, then came to Apple with him. He also did a stint along the way at Ariba, including as CTO.

We are very excited to have both Cue and Federighi at the event to talk about a range of things about the company that remains at the center of the action, especially in the important mobile sector. From the shifting entertainment and communications landscape to the fast-moving wearables space to, well, everything digital, these two play a very important role.

While the event has been sold out, we will be posting news, as well as videos, on Re/code throughout the Code Conference, including this interview.

And we have one more major speaker to announce tomorrow, along with demos and some new twists for our new conference.


"Why does iBooks content suck so bad?" Good one, very professional question. I imagine your idea of a professional response would be, "Why does yo momma suck so bad?"

Besides, the whole premise of your question "sucks." Though not comparing in terms of sheer quantity, iBooks handily competes with Kindle by enabling fantastic interactive content through the iBooks Author program. Whatever lack of creative content there is in iBooks Store is due to content creators.

Kara, will the entire interview be posted or just clips? Also, I would literally pay to watch the full interviews from code/media.


Someone needs to grill Cue about content.

The Comixology iPad app now sucks, yet this is made worse due to the fact that the alternative of comics bought from iBooks means buying an inferior product. iBooks brings absolutely nothing to the table to make it a worthwhile competitor to the Kindle app.

Apple can't compete with Amazon's crazy pricing strategy, but also seems unwilling to step up their game on quality content features as a buffer.

I think all of this stands to get lost in the shuffle of Apple's attempts to conquer TV and update the Apple TV but the fact is, Apple's competitors are willing to buy developers away from Apple and Apple's in house apps aren't picking up the slack or providing top notch content with unique features as a competitive advantage.

TLDR: Why does iBooks content suck so bad and why doesn't anyone at Apple care enough about that to negotiate better deals with book and comics publishers (for innovative and exclusive book features and high quality comics) as the competition buys away the premiere app developers?


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