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At a company like Apple, where fashion is as important as function, the executive team gets a stylish boost. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said former Burberry Chief Executive Angela Ahrendts will join the company next week as senior vice president of retail operations. The former head of the British luxury goods company, whose appointment was announced last fall, will oversee Apple’s stores, which are no longer the novelty they once were.

Michael says...
Michael says...

Rude last line! How would this byline sound?: "written by Dawn Chmielewski for Re/Code, which is no longer the novelty it once was."

Reporting is great, having an opinion is cool too, but simply saying snarky things is ummm... snarky. 

AppleStores have been copied for sure, but never duplicated. Witness failed ventures by "insert any number of retailers name here". It is also true that AppleStores are no longer new. Neither is Obama's administration nor music of The Beatles. And the point is? you see, to consumers, they are still innovative, which is strongly supported by the results announced yesterday - and arguably much more important than the writer's throwaway "novelty" insult. 

Re/Code: You can do better. You need to do better. Thanks.


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