Okay, the 21st century is about to really begin.

This week heralded the passing of a generational torch from one well-regarded late-night TV host to another — from David Letterman, who is retiring after three “Late Show” decades, to Stephen Colbert on the ascent.

First, the on-camera reactions from the principals and friendly rivals:



Jon Stewart:

Jimmy Fallon (who recently planted a new flag on the late-night map himself):

The King of All Media (why not?):

And, um, Rush Limbaugh has declared that this means (culture) war:

The change of administrations is scheduled for 2015. And so begins a year of speculation and anticipation, not unlike before a presidential election. Or Oscar night.

As exemplified in a pair of great features on Grantland, the general reaction to Colbert’s succession (not “replacement”) has been huzzahs and goodwill for Colbert, and genuine gratitude and fond affection for Letterman.

Questions are already emerging, of course: Will Colbert be “Stephen Colbert” when he moves from “The Colbert Report” on cable and takes the “Late Show” stage on network television? Or will he be himself? Do we even know the man from the character?

Here’s where we invite readers to post a video link (and maybe a few words) in the comments, sharing your favorite Letterman and/or Colbert moment.

No ranking, no judging. Watch a few, watch them all. We all win.

We’ll start you off with this one, from the Colbert vaults:


You should watch the "Cheating Death with Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA" for some of the best Colbert moments, IMO.

Not only is it pretty much a spot on critique of Big Pharma ("Prescott Pharmaceuticals"), but watching Colbert try to stay in character (when using SNUS for the first time and referring to a Twilight Zone episode in the same bit, for example) are priceless.

And the comment about "left wing handlers"...let me just sub "right" for "left" and you can enjoy that comment as much as I enjoyed yours.


My favorite moments are when Letterman and Colbert were on their knees, groveling before their left wing handlers. Wait-that's every night.


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