Do we need more websites about TV shows? We’re getting one anyway — or, at least, a revamped one: Tribune Co. is buying TV ratings site TV By the Numbers, and is using it to relaunch, a site that’s supposed to help TV watchers find shows they like, and talk about them.

Tribune’s Tribune Digital Ventures arm is buying TV by the Numbers from owner/operators Bill Gorman and Robert Seidman, and says Gorman and Seidman will continue to work on the property. Tribune isn’t disclosing a price.

The idea is that Zap2it, a semi-dormant fan site, will revive and work as two kinds of properties: TV by the Numbers will offer up free ratings data for people who care about that stuff, and the main Zap2it site will work as a fan site/discovery site.

It’s hard to argue that the Web needs more places to discuss TV shows, but it’s reasonable for Tribune to offer one anyway, since the company’s channel guide and TV show info already power lots of other sites.

And while other sites, including CBS’, offer the ability to find TV programs online, Zap2it’s results look useful:


Will they start to get the Guide listings provided to cable/sat sources correct? They not only get talent wrong, e.g., still listing Sarah Eisen on Bloomberg Surveillance months after she followed the money to CNBC; they always get chronology wrong for content already viewed abroad and showing for the first time in the US, e.g., anything on PBS previously shown in UK just coming to US TV ends up listed as rerun - driving any DVR nutso.


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