Two Jurors Excused as Apple-Samsung Trial Begins


Everett Collection / Shutterstock


The jury hearing the latest Apple-Samsung case is down to eight members after one juror fell ill and another juror said she would face a financial hardship if she continued to serve.

A six-woman, four-man jury was picked on Monday, but is now down to four men and four women. A third juror is scheduled to go on vacation starting May 7, but the judge and both sides agreed that the jury’s work will likely have wrapped up by then.

“I have eight of you left, and you are each precious,” Judge Lucy Koh told the panel as court began on Tuesday. She also pledged to pass out Vitamin C to the jurors and told them not to go bungee jumping.

“I need to have all of you remain on the jury,” she said.

Apple is suing Samsung, saying various phones and tablets infringed on five patents, while Samsung is countersuing, alleging that Apple products infringed on two of its patents. (For more, please read our handy cheat sheet.)

Koh is now reading opening jury instructions, which will be followed by a video on the patent system (the one that Samsung objected to).

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