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In announcing Office for iPad, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about all of the reasons why Microsoft was bringing the software to Apple’s tablet. What he didn’t talk about onstage was why Microsoft didn’t do it sooner, especially since it had been working on versions for years.

“We’ve been obviously working on this for a while,” Nadella told reporters. “The thing we wanted to get most right was the combination of what I would call the combination of the app, the enterprise architecture, the developer APIs, and then marry it with the device and what you expect from the device. … It’s not just a trivial thing, let’s port Word for Windows to a particular device.”

Office for iPad, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint — but notably not Outlook — is slated to be in the App Store at 11 am PT today. Viewing documents is free, but creating or editing them requires an Office 365 subscription.

Nadella also talked about why Microsoft renamed Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure.

“It’s just a reflection of what Azure today is. If you think about Azure, it has Linux instances. In fact, 15 percent of Azure is just people who are using it as a Linux host. It has support for Java as first class. It’s a much broader thing than a cloud for Windows customers.”

Asked by Re/code what he would say to loyal Windows 8 users still waiting for a touch-friendly version of Office, Nadella said, “We are committed to making sure these touch-first applications come to Windows 8.”

“You will see us talk more about it even next week about what we are doing on that platform,” he said. “The key thing that I want to get out of is thinking about all of these things as trade-offs. I want to do my best work on Windows and I want to do my best work on iPad and I want all of that to accrue to Office. It’s really about being able to go where the opportunity is. If we can serve customers who expect our Office 365 everywhere … we will do well. In the full arc of time there will be many new platforms that require Office, some small screen some big screen, and we need to be able to aggressively keep moving forward on all of those.”

He also said he is looking forward to the Nokia deal closing and Microsoft continuing to improve on the device front.

As for what the move will mean to Microsoft, financially, Nadella said he would leave that to the financial community. “I would leave it to Wall Street to do the analysis.”


I thought they finally did it right and got the $100 package for the MAC.

But then again, MS failed me.

I have a number of Excel files in daily use created with MS Office for MAC.

The files have xlsx endings.

When I open these files in ipad, it loads (Read Only) file and not able to edit until you make a "copy" of it.

I tried saving the original file as xls file but did not fix the problem.

So you end up with "xxx.xlsx" and "xxx.xlsx copy" files!

This is ridiculous!

I know that the regular program has more formatting features than ipad but at least let me know what is causing the incompatibility and or ask permission to disable incompatible portion before loading.


Outlook for iPad already exists. It's called OWA for iPad (Outlook Web Access) and has been available to download for some time. But when Apple already bakes in full Exchange support, I would argue it is a little less useful than just the regular mail app due to other limitations on iOS apps and the way they work in the background as is necessary for email and not the other Office products. 


Dang! I was hoping that he would tell the blunt truth of it.

Office for iPad wasn't released earlier because Balmer was an idiot in a market that his company didn't have a practical monopoly, and he was counting on Office to force people to buy the Surface.

It is good to see that Microsoft might have a smart CEO finally.


Microsoft is sounding a lot wiser lately.


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