Personally, I am starting to become doubtful that Apple will release a watch.

I think that they will release wearables, but looking at where the majority of their money has been spent I am not so sure that it will end up in a watch.


I think the direction of the android wear concept is useful and complementary, but I'm highly skeptical of the real world function due to Google's history of over-promising in promotional concept videos. Neither Google TV or Glass resemble the high standard of their concept demos. (Along with several other similar hardware endeavours.)

This concept video seems to be no exception with unrealistically instant and flawless voice recognition. Despite two products on the horizon, no usage information is available from either LG or Motorola other than concept renders. At this stage I feel there is no point in feigning interest until there is a real world product with real world usage.

It's easy to compare Google and Apple as this comic does, but I think it's naive to hold the double standard of comparing a concept against an actual product.

In short Google release concept videos, Apple release products.


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