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As expected, Republicans are starting to fret somewhat over the Obama administration’s announcement late Friday that the U.S. plans to give up oversight of ICANN, the Internet management body, in 2015. Conservatives have argued in the past that the U.S. needs to protect what control it has over the Internet and keep countries like China and Russia, which limit what citizens can see online, from making oversight decisions. House Energy and Commerce Republicans said Tuesday they’ll “conduct aggressive oversight” over the decision and plan to hold a hearing in early April.


Great idea: this makes no sense.  Case in point: ICANN's current exec director is all for it, just as he was all for Dilma Rousseff canceling her state visit to the White House in the wake of Edward Snowden's 'revelations."  Abdicating ICANN oversight to paragons of virtue such as Syria, Russia and China means the Internet will be subject to international censorship and fees.


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