Microsoft Releasing a Version of Surface 2 With AT&T’s LTE Service Built In for $679




Microsoft said on Monday that it is going to start selling a version of its Surface 2 tablet with built-in LTE data service from AT&T.

The AT&T version will come with 64 gigabytes of memory and sell for $679 and also come with 200GB of OneDrive storage for two years.

Before now, all versions of Surface and Surface Pro have been Wi-Fi only.

“Surface is designed for those who want to get more done, and since the inception of the Surface product line, we have always planned to have our devices truly ‘connected’ so you can do more in more places,” Microsoft Surface team head Panos Panay said in a blog post. “Many of you have told me that you’d like the capability to be online even when Wi-Fi isn’t available, so you can work, play, share, and communicate wherever you are.”

The AT&T-equipped surface will be on sale from Microsoft’s online and retail stores and Best Buy (both online and in-store).

Panay also hinted at more Surfi to come. “It promises to be an exciting year for Surface,” he said. “More on that later!”