In Latest Pricing Move, T-Mobile Doubles Included Data in Entry-Level Plan

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T-Mobile said late Friday that it is doubling the amount of data included in its basic plan and also including international text messaging at no added cost.

It’s $50-per-month Simple Value plan will now come with 1GB of high-speed data, up from 500MB, with some other plans also getting a boost. However, T-Mobile did hike the price of totally unlimited high-speed data, which now costs an extra $30 per month per line — a $10 increase.

It’s the latest in a series of pricing moves made by both T-Mobile and its larger competitors. Verizon increased the data allowances on some of its packages earlier this year in a series of plans dubbed “More Everything.”

AT&T has also been making changes to its plans, recently cutting costs for some family plans.

Here’s how the new and old plans stack up, according to a T-Mobile chart.

T-Mobile pricing plan changes