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Activist investor Carl Icahn told CNBC on Wednesday that eBay has the worst corporate governance he’s ever seen, and that’s a symptom of how badly American companies are run.

In a “Squawk Box” interview, Icahn acknowledged he likes to get involved in companies and shake things up. He said that while his critics say he’s just in it for the money, he believes he’s doing something good for America by unlocking more value for investors. He also said he thinks that even lawmakers in Washington are doing a better job running the country than corporate boards are doing running American companies.

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Michael says...
Michael says...

Where did Icahn say that eBay is the worst run company? He said they had the worst corporate governance, which is an entirely different animal. Having the headline and the article speak of entirely separate things is not only misleading but also untrue. The running of a company is an operational matter left to the CEO and the corporate staff. The corporate governance is a board matter, left to the board of directors. Keeping those things separate is important! 

None of this says Icahn is right or wrong or Donahue is right or wrong - it only says that Re/Code is guilty of blatantly copying CNBC's misleading and FUD seeking headline. Come on Re/Code! you can do better!  


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