AT&T Makes It Less Costly to Text, Call Overseas From U.S.




AT&T on Tuesday is announcing new options that will make it cheaper for customers to call and text internationally from within the United States.

Starting Friday, all AT&T Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans will come with unlimited international texting from the U.S. AT&T is also adding a $5-per-month package that allows subscribers to call any of 35 countries for a penny per minute.

The list of countries includes Canada and Mexico as well as a range of Latin American and Caribbean countries. It also includes lower-priced calling to more than 225 countries.

T-Mobile last year cut the cost for calling overseas and, additionally, gave subscribers free texting and Web access while traveling internationally.

Verizon has also cut international calling and texting rates, bundling international texting as part of its “More Everything” plan and offering a $5-per-month option (free for the first three months) for 1-cent-per-minute calling to Mexico and Canada and 5-cents-per-minute calls to Caribbean and Latin American countries.

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