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With shares of Tesla hitting an all-time high and the company approaching several milestones, another fire involving the Model S is raising new questions about the popular electric car.

The fire, during which nobody was hurt, happened earlier this month in Toronto, Canada, according to a report by Business Insider. The report said a Model S parked in a garage caught on fire after it was taken for a drive and was not plugged in.

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I read recode to get useful info. An inflammatory headline and pointing to a poorly researched article without any critical analysis is not acceptable.

It's lazy reporting. Don't waste my time unless some thought is put into an article. It wouldn't have been too difficult to put the number of Tesla fires compared to traditional vehicle fires into perspective, or to dig for facts.

I'd really like to know if Tesla's are actually prone to catching fire. But you'll never find out by reading the trade press. Recode included.


What is this, like the 5th fire now? I'm gunna have to pass and get a Leaf instead.


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