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The mother of one of two “distressed babies” cited by AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong as the chief reason behind a controversial plan to change some 401(k) benefits is speaking out, telling NBC Nightly News in her first television interview that the way the policy shift was announced was “completely dehumanizing.”

“When I saw the headlines, it was sort of impossible to process he was talking about my daughter,” Deanna Fei told NBC. “It just seemed so completely dehumanizing. Also, a violation — for singling us out for using the health plan we paid for.”

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Glad to hear the update that Armstrong has, indeed, reached out personally to the 2 families. Another reason to untangle health insurance from employment.

Ken Esq
Ken Esq

Yet, somehow this guy is qualified to be CEO? Quite a leader. This is one of the reasons why we really need to get rid of health insurance being tied to employment. 


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