Ready for Their Close-Ups: Nadella, Gates, Ballmer and Thompson Do YouTube on CEO Pick (Video)

Microsoft PR head Frank Shaw is putting on the dog with this CEO announcement.

Besides the hipster hoodie on new leader Satya Nadella, here are four videos he seems to have produced, starring new CEO Satya Nadella, outgoing chairman and new Nadella tech helper Bill Gates, outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer and incoming “not-keen” chairman John Thompson.

It is all on Google-owned YouTube — irony alert! The videos, Nadella’s via interview, are not half bad — and I love that Ballmer keeps up the loud-talking to the end, though I think Frank will not win any Oscars and I am not worried about my day job.

I am currently playing them all at once on my computer, which is freaky!


By the way, just to mix it up, here is a video interview I did in mid-2009 with Nadella when he was SVP of research and development at its Online Services division: