Team Re/code is pretty darn good at writing. But maybe you don’t like to read. No worries! If you watch TV or Web video during the week, you can also watch us talking. For instance…

Here’s Kara Swisher talking to CNBC about the endless Microsoft CEO search that appears to have an end in sight:

And here are several Re/code appearances on Tech News Tonight and Tech News Today (no tech news in the morning, apparently):

Ina Fried, talking about Google’s decision to get out of the phone-making business, after all:

Lauren Goode, discussing Jawbone’s new headset:

Liz Gannes, discussing Google’s newest foray into AI, via DeepMind:

And here’s Kara again! Talking about everything:


A cosmetic suggestion for this page. At least on my MacBook Pro using Firefox, your description about what each videoclip is about at first glance really seems to be talking about the video ABOVE the description insteaad of the one below which it is describing. I suggest you simply leave more space above the description or take away the blank line right under it so the description properly butts up against the video it's describing. Sorry, a small thing, but irritating when you're scanning down the page. 

   Great service to us as usual, Kara and Walt et al!


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