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Apple lost its e-book antitrust trial last summer, but so far it hasn’t had to write any checks as part of its punishment. Now a plaintiff’s lawyer wants to deliver a bill: He says Apple should pay $840 million in damages.

Steve Berman, an attorney representing consumers and 33 states who linked up with the U.S. government’s case against Apple, says Apple’s actions caused e-book buyers to spend an extra $280,254,374 after the introduction of Apple’s iPad and its iBooks Store. Berman says Apple should have to pay triple that number, and if you want to read his argument, you can find it below, via a letter he filed in court yesterday.

For context: Apple ended 2013 with nearly $159 billion in cash on its books, and generated profits of $13 billion in its last quarter.

Berman’s request comes before U.S. District Judge Denise Cote, who ruled against Apple last year, kicks off a damages trial. Meanwhile Apple is fighting Cote’s decision to assign a compliance monitor to the company to make sure it behaves itself, complaining that former federal prosecutor Michael Bromwich charges too much money, and is “acting like an FBI agent.” Last month Apple got a federal appeals court to hear its case.

Robert Martens
Robert Martens

Maybe Apple could offer the unlucky customers a 50 dollar coupon towards their next iPad. That would make everyone happy. Hell you could even give some of the coupons to the lawyers to. Everyone always forgets to tip the lawyers. Truly a thankless profession.

What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?

Robert Martens
Robert Martens

He says apple caused 280 million dollars worth of trouble to 28 million people. That they should give back that money (48 hrs of profit) plus an addition 4 days of profit as a penalty. That would set Apple back almost a whole week in profit. I think you would have to go back about 15 years to find the last time Apple went a whole week without profit.

What the lawyer really wants is 290 Mio. US$ for himself. Not more. Not less. Name it apple, Samsung or Google but lawyers just interested in money, not winning a case nor the rhightenous.


I have a suggested price: $00.00


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