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AT&T said on Saturday that it will drop the cost for customers that sign up for a family plan on one of the company’s AT&T Next plans.

Those plans offer new phones without a subsidy, allowing customers to pay in installments with no interest and no upfront payment. The newly announced plans cut prices for such customers by $40 to $100 per month for some customers on current plans, AT&T said. The discounts apply for those families on a shared data plan of at least 10GB per month. Two smartphones sharing 10GB of data cost $130 a month, with additional phones sharing a similar-size data bucket paying just $15 more per month.

AT&T’s move comes amid sharp attacks by T-Mobile US as well as Sprint’s introduction last month of a new set of “Framily” plans that allow friends and family to sign up for group discounts while maintaining separate bills.


What the left hand giveth, the right hand taketh away.

AT&T thinks it can delay and delay. And to some extent it can. But they're losing the mindshare battle with all this nickel-and-dime futzing around.

Hey AT&T - if you want to get real - be bold and do it. All you're doing right now is confirming that T-Mobile is in the driver's seat, and you're not. Welcome to reality.


@vdev  That's not what AT&T's quarterly results looked like to me.

And T-Mo won't be in the driver's seat of anything until their coverage improves.


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