When was the last time Microsoft had some good news to tell you about its Surface line of tablets? That’s right. Probably never.

What about some not-so-awful news? Probably today.

In its fiscal second-quarter earnings release today, Microsoft said Surface revenue was $893 million during the final quarter of calendar year 2013, up from $400 million in the preceding quarter. It didn’t, however, provide information on the number of units sold and it did cost the company $932 million to generate the Surface revenue.

Still, that’s some holly jolly holiday season news, considering the Surface’s track record. The bad news, of course, is that Microsoft’s share in the tablet market is still minuscule.

Microsoft has apparently seen enough to stay committed to the Surface business for now. Sources said the company is currently working on new models. The company released its second line of Surface tablets in October and started slashing prices of its earlier model.


The ONLY reason is the myth that MS has subtly promoted in it's insulting ads, is the suggestion that in this day and age, former PC users still dumbfounded by the lack of a 3 button mouse on a tablet, students, and part time ambulance drivers still need the Office suite to do anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The lowest end of Suite-envy is Google Docs as provided through the free Google Drive, a benefit of having nothing more than a Gmail account. Which is also free.

Meanwhile, MS has apparently drunk the "Closed" system koolaid that it accused Apple of foisting as an outrage to "Open" system it espoused, to it's slow but definite demise.

This is all too little, too late, As soon as Balmer is packed and off the premises, MS should bail on all personal computing, sell off the Office division to any Chinese or Russian company that bites, and focus on what it is really, only good at.

The Xbox.


I just got a 512GB Surface Pro 2 from work -- previously used an iPad.  Still have my iPad, it makes a great internet radio and has my cookbook in an app that isn't available for the Surface, otherwise I'm using the Surface.  Wouldn't have thought to get one if it didn't come from my employer but now that I have it I'm liking it quite a lot.  About half the time I use it without the keyboard attached, great to have that option.  On my own I bought the wireless keyboard adapter accessory... wow -- very impressive, turns the keyboard into a Bluetooth one that works with my iPad and Apple TV as well as the Surface Pro 2.  I can see these catching on and grabbing a more noticeable chunk of market share ;-)


The new guy kills all the hardware projects especially surface and refocuses MS into bringing great software to the people.

It would not even surprise me to see Xbox spun off into a separate company.


@NHBill are not very good at predictions...I hope you don't do direct investing in the stock market...


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