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Verizon Wireless on Monday announced a lower-priced option in its standard “Share Everything” data plans.

At $60 per month, the plan is $20 cheaper than the next-less-expensive plan. However, it includes just 250 megabytes of data, which isn’t much for one smartphone, let alone to share with any other devices. Verizon says the limited-time offer is designed to appeal to those who want unlimited calling and texting but don’t necessarily use much data with their smartphone.

Those with a basic phone can sign up for the same amount of data, unlimited calling and texting for $50 per month.

The move to add lower priced options comes amid tough price pressure from No. 4 carrier T-Mobile USA and No. 3 player Sprint, which earlier this month announced a new set of “Framily” plans that allow people to get group discounts by joining with friends and family but maintaining separate bills.

T-Mobile has made a variety of moves over the past year, including doing away with long-term contracts and phone subsidies, offering a $10-per-month early upgrade plan and, most recently, offering up to $350 to customers switching from another carrier.


Just more proof that the government actually did the right thing when they denied the AT&T buyout of T-Mobile.

We are looking to change carriers and I was surprised to find that Verizon is the only one of the big four that still builds a perpetual subsidy into the cost of service.

Don't worry, I have heard that the government has looked into it and has enacted steps to make sure that never happens again. After all, doing things in the best interest of the citizens instead of big business sets a bad precedent. ;)


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