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A deal to sell iPhones on China Mobile’s vast network is a “watershed” moment, Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC on Wednesday.

China Mobile will start selling iPhones in China this Friday. The premium, 16-gigabyte, 5s model will be priced at 5,288 yuan, or about $874, the world’s largest mobile company said. The 64-gigabyte 5s will be priced at 6,888 yuan ($1,139) and the 5c model will be priced at 4,488 yuan for the 16-gigabyte model.

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When, oh, when, are the financial — and technology — worlds (notwithstanding the shorters) gonna wake up to the fact that Apple knows exactly what it is doing? When any entity can attract and retain the greatest minds, and remain true to a foundational ethos of "The greatest products that thrill our customers", it has to be duly noted. I grow weary of so-called and self-proclaimed pundits chasing deadlines, who trash-talk Apple.

Does anyone with a shred of intelligence believe that there isn't a very hyperopic vision in Apple's road map?

OK, it's time to burst the uninitiateds', and Wall Street clowns', respective bubbles. At Stanford GSB, my way of doing business was validated: any company worth it's salt has the next 5 years' worth of products in process or on the shelf. No new information there, I've always run my show as an innovator, and let the rest eat my f**kin' dust. I'd extend this vision to 10-15 years for Apple.

Recall the words of brothers Jobs and Kawasaki, "Don't let the Bozos get you down."

China + Apple? What's the big mystery?'s been in planning for a while. To their credit, Apple doesn't announce until the ink has been dry for months...years?

I don't hide behind an anonymous name is, with all the best,

Steve Russell


If China Mobile can sell millions of phones at these prices that would validate Apple's gamble in pricing these devices (especially 5c) the way they did it back in September.


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