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Ouya product VP Muffi Ghadiali, who was hired away from Amazon in the middle of the Android microconsole company’s $8 million Kickstarter campaign, has left the company. An Ouya spokesperson confirmed Ghadiali’s departure, originally reported by TechCrunch. As part of the founding team, Ghadiali was in charge of overseeing the console’s Kickstarter launch. A company statement shared by the spokesperson called him “invaluable during the launch of Ouya.”


Flash Forward two years: Ouya closes doors with a mass layoff.

I'm not trying to troll here, I do own one of these.  And for old console emulation, it's great using the Ouya versus an inferior Christmas-time '300 games in one" machine that falls apart two weeks later.  For that purpose I love it. 

But here's Ouya's next challenge: even at $100 per machine, who wants to buy a new system when their old one is pretty much the same?  (Spec bumps aside including the controller touchpad, what else is there to do?)  All the "gamer" attitude remarks in their blogs, PR releases and expo tables doesn't cash a check that the console is able to write in the first place.  

Being realistic, this isn't going to take off like fried gold on a stick for 50 cents, or it would have done so already.


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