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Several Google researchers recently met with Food and Drug Administration regulators who oversee eye devices and diagnostics for heart conditions, raising the possibility the company is working on medical devices, Bloomberg reported. Several of the at least four Google workers who attended the meeting have ties to the secretive Google X research division that produced the Google Glass eyewear. And some have done research on biosensors, including contact lenses that monitor biological data, the news service said.


Is Google the manifestation of Skynet? Sounds crazy? Consider this - On top of the normal stuff like email, Google+ and maps:

- They continuously strive to get the core search engine to respond contextually, become more "human", providing answers to questions, not search results based on keywords. Not saying that's bad - we all welcome better, more relevant search results. Just saying it is a piece of a bigger puzzle.

- It's reported that they are working on a new travel price comparison tool.

- They have announced an automotive alliance to push for Android as a - or "THE"? -platform for the connected car.

- They have acquired WAZE, a crowd-sourced traffic app. In a few years the app will be on the platform and the car will report itself - perhaps it will be mandatory since the cars will be driving themselves?

They are pushing further into robotics that will enable them to map the farthest, most desolate regions of earth - and eventually space.

- They acquired Boston Dynamics, creator and manufacturer of the Atlas robot, funded by DARPA.

Think of it, a robot army, powered by a ubiquitous, contextually aware database that knows who you are, who you know, where you are, and how you got there....Hmmm. What could possibly go wrong?


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