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Apple says its customers spent more than $10 billion at its App Store in 2013, with more than $1 billion in sales in December. Apple says developers, who usually receive 70 percent of app store sales, have earned more than $15 billion at the store so far. That number is up from $13 billion in October.


Peter, be great if on this new site we had a bit more investigative reporting instead of more fanboy stuff and just a simple copy and paste...more so when it has to do with $AAPL which is no long top dog in mobile:

You guys only have a short window to get viewership and traction, and this simply is not cutting it!


 Any chance of you guys lengthening posts a bit in the future? I know it's CES week, and all, but these kinds of posts just seem like effortless copy and paste jobs. For a new site that claims to have groundbreaking tech analysis, this is kind of a poor effort. 

I'm aware it's hard to expand on a story like this, but I've seen it in numerous pieces since you've launched. 

Just some constructive criticism - no harm intended. 


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