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Blackberry announced Monday that Ron Louks, former CEO of the OpenNMS Group, will be the company’s next president of the Devices and Emerging Solutions group. Previous to this, he held positions as chief strategy officer at HTC America and chief technology officer at Sony Ericsson.


Am I the only one here who sees 2 sinking ships ?

Anyways, to the BB CEO :

- Shift gear and start market strategy from scratch...cause so far you got none

- Get rid of all the daring-changes-resistant employees

- Fire your Chief Marketing Officer and the Head of Litigation departments (you don't sue Typo, that is your backdoor to flirt with iOS consumers !)

- Keep up the Alicia Keys kind of firings...what is not useful and costy : out of the window !

Dude, this is gonna be a long list. Better just call me :)


@Ismael I don't see any sinking ships here. Don't forget that in the pre-mobile/pre-Jobs days, Apple was in much worse shape than BB is now. Apple had 5% market share, and declining. No compatible programs (read: apps). Microsoft propped up Apple as a hedge against a monopoly ruling by the FTC, investing $150 million in Apple in '84 dollars. And look where Apple is today.

1. The new CEO of BB is a marketing guy who will be focusing on marketing.

2. Look at the changes in management at BB. A real shift toward marketing.

3. Wrong! File the lawsuit as a tool to bring Typo to the table to forge a cooperative deal to bring BB to the iOS users.

4. You could not be more right!

Consider that for 2 weeks the #1 download on the App Store was BBM. At Google Play, there was a waiting list to download the app. John Chen, the new BB CEO, has cut a deal with Foxconn, and the new BB device will be a touchscreen device headed to the Asian market. I've used all 4 of the major phone OS, and BB110 is the best. iOS had better watch out as compared to the other systems, it is starting to stagnate, and if that happens, there will be no catching up.


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