If you have absolutely nothing to do tonight, here’s “This Week in Startups,” the online show by Jason Calacanis, to watch.

Along with me, the other guest was Robert Scoble — whom I have nicknamed Scooby-Don’t (a term of endearment) and whom Gawker just described as an “overpaid manbaby technologist” (not meant as a term of endearment). As it turned out, it was a lively discussion about a wide range of topics.

Those include: Some jerky blog posts that were written by some dopey techies about homeless people in San Francisco; the New York Times editorial calling for some kind of clemency for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden; what’s up with our new website, Re/code; and other various and sundry techie things.

It’s actually a good discussion, though I had no idea Scoobs was wearing those goofy googles — for which I might have teased him mercilessly.

Here it is: